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Canyoning consists of walking down a river overcoming different obstacles that the water itself has created, cutting the rock and sculpting impressive scenery. There are different steps that need to be taken in a variety of ways: jumping, rappelling with ropes, slides, and so on.


Discounts for groups


CHILDREN UP TO 15 YEARS OLD (SCHOOLS) Up to 20 pax. 20% More than 20 pax. 25% More than one activity +5% ADULTS Up to 20 pax. 10% More than 20 pax. 15% More than one activity +5% FAMILIES Children up to 15 years 5%

Canyoning- initiation

Initiation canyons are ideal for learning about the sport and enjoying the activity. These are canyons that require little technique but where you can start to know the different maneuvers necessary to carry out the activity. There are small rappels, jumps and simple slides.


Individual rates Initiation canyon+ photos + aperitif 40 € Initiation canyon + photos + aperitif + lunch 50 €

Canyoning – Experts

These are very technical canyons where you can find abseils, jumps and high slides. You need to have done some initiation or improvement before.


Individual rates Experts canyon + photos + aperitif 55 € Experts canyon + photos + aperitif + lunch 65 €

Canyoning – Improvement

In these canyons all the knowledge acquired at the initiation can be applied. Customers will find a more advanced technical level such as abseils, jumps and slides of a certain height.


Individual rates Refinement canyon + photos + aperitif 45 € Refinement canyon + photos + aperitif + lunch 55 €